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The Badger (Latin name Meles meles) is one of the most popular animals in the UK. Widespread across England and Wales (with a few in Scotland), the badger is loved by most but seen by few. All too often the Badger and its environment are harmed by man (by accident or deliberately). We explain about the badgers legally protected status across the UK.

We provide information about its family, its home, its food sources, its lifestyle, as well as photos, pictures and videos and other information (like how big they are, what they sound like and how they are protected). We also show you how you can see badgers.

We can help you if badgers are creating garden problems or if they are causing trouble for farmers. We can also advise you if you are concerned about planning permission and advise property developers how to help badgers by working around them, their setts and territories. We also give advice on how you can provide Help for Badgers too. On the fun side, we also have educational Projects for children to do, Stories for adults to read and some badger Trivia too.

We support other Badger web-sites (such as most Badger Groups), and explain how you can see and help Badgers. We also provide information for teachers and parents to help educate children about the badger, the countryside and the environment. For students, we have some Research Ideas and summarised badger Research Papers.

AND, we have an Ask An Expert service, where we will answer your query or point you to professional local help - such as a Badger Consultant or a Badger Group.