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About Wildlife Consultants
Laws protect badgers from being harmed and their homes damaged. Whilst permits can be issued to allow such badgers to be moved, you need to have professional research done to see where the badgers are and what they need. In commercial property development, finance and logistics can be very important. Also, if an insurance company is paying for re-building work, they may want to be certain that the commercial risks are understood too. Wildlife Consultants are usually highly experienced at dealing with such legal and commercial issues and should be able to help mitigate the risks. Wildlife consultants help deal with protected species, making sure that developers understand the law AND the needs of any animals. Local Badger Groups may also conduct badger surveys, and we run our own email-based Ask An Expert service.

There are often problems when property developers move into an area - or even try to fill in housing and other developments in the countryside.

According to the Law, a property developer needs a licence to build in the vicinity of badgers, but in the real world this does not always happen. Partly this is due to ignorance and partly due to willful disregard (neither of which is a good enough excuse before the courts!). The best way to proceed is to carry out a wildlife survey; to assess whether badgers may be present, and whether an official licence is needed to work near them.

Licence or not, every-one can help the badgers, for example by working to get tunnels built under new and upgraded roads, demanding stretches of badger-proof fencing to direct badgers away from the road; and even relocating badger setts (once a licence to do so has been granted).

In fact, despite the generally adverse effects of major developments, many developers can even manage to get some Good Publicity about how they care for badgers and their environment. Experts and Badger Groups can be a great help in negotiating with and advising property developers planning to build in the vicinity of badgers.

Remember though, that Badgers and their setts are fully protected by the Law. Many setts have or will be surveyed by badger groups. Involving local experts can help keep any development within the law, and can even save the developer money or time - especially if consultation and planning takes place early on. An example of how a badger group might be able to help a developer is advising on how and when work can be carried out. Badger tunnels are prone to collapse if heavy machinery passes over them (this is also a serious health and safety issue). If cubs are present underground, this can mean that all development work has to stop until they become independent (this would not be very good for business to put a major development on hold from January to July).

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