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"I suffer from acute and incurable melophilia ...
a rare and delightful ailmentfrom which I am thankful that I can never be healed ...
The only symptom is a deep affection for badgers."
Phil Drabble

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"(The badger) moves noisily, nothing quiet or stealthy about him. He ambles on like a miniature tank, snorting and wheezing, bashing his way through any bushes or undergrowth in his path."
Ernest Dudley
RSPB Spotlight on Badgers book
James Lowen explores the lives of badgers and their communal living, feeding habits, and major threats to their conservation.
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Badger Encounters in the Wild book
Badger Encounters in the Wild Jim Crumley [Book]Superb book which describes Jim Crumley's amazing encounters with badgers in the wilds of Scotland. The quality of the writing is superb.
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Encounters in the wild