Fact-based scientifically-accurate educational information about Badgers
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This section of our web site includes a variety of ideas for activities and projects which relate to badgers, animals and the wider environment. These are examples of things you might like to do with children (whether at home or at school). They might also be useful to help generate badger awareness in the community or fund-raising for badger charities.

We have devised a list of ideas and categorised them into suggested suggested age bands to give you an idea where to start. The age bands are suggested based on our experiences of what children at different ages know about badgers. However, many activities are suitable for wider age ranges - or where particular children know more or less than usual about badgers or wildlife.

The Teaching Materials include a series of PowerPoint presentations - these being designed to be used on a projector in a classroom situation. They are also suitable for badger groups to use for talks to the public.

"(I was) learning to distinguish one footfall from another. The one which gave me least trouble was the imminent arrival of the badger, for certainly in this neck of the woods he is its heaviest-footed inmate, careless almost, doubtless because his natural environment holds no terrors for him. ... now I was certain a badger was coming my way"
Jim Crumley