Fact-based scientifically-accurate educational information about Badgers
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Teaching Materials

These materials for use in badger groups, schools and colleges to educate children, young people and adults about badgers. You can buy these individually, or you can save money and buy a complete set.

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Badgers Presentation PowerPoint & PDF - designed to be used in schools, colleges and for general public interest talks. This is suitable for an age range of 8 and upwards.
Finding Evidence of Badgers Presentation PowerPoint & PDF - designed to be used for more detailed training about badgers, for example by badger groups to train members, as well as secondary schools or colleges to train students.
Finding Evidence of Badgers Booklet Paper-based version of the Finding Evidence of Badgers PowerPoint presentation. Designed to be used as a handout for people who attend a training session. With space for notes, it is the perfect training guide for new or active members of a badger group.
Animal Footprint Cards Laminated cards to allow children and adults to spot footprints and identify what they are. Very useful to have a set of these in a school or a college. Especially useful if you are providing field-based training to badger groups or to students.
Watching Badgers Presentation PowerPoint & PDF - designed to show how best to go badger watching, and how to increase the chances of success. Suitable for an age range of 8 and upwards, and useful for teachers, badger groups, students and landowners who have badgers on their land.
Bait Marking Presentation PowerPoint & PDF - designed to be used by members of badger groups or students who want to know how to conduct a bait-marking study, so they can work out the boundaries of the territory of one or more badger clans. Very useful for dealing with planning permission issues. It can also form the basis of future study or a career.
Teaching Materials Full Set One complete set - also includes postcards, bait marking pellets, A3-sized poster and a large capacity USB memory stick. If you bought all the items individually, this would come to more than 30, but you can buy the whole kit for just 12.50

The presentations are in Microsoft PowerPoint & PDF formats and are designed to be used on a digital projector or a digital whiteboard. They are also suitable for badger groups to use in talks to the public. The booklet and the footprint cards can be used anywhere (indoors or outdoors), but the Finding Evidence of Badgers presentation contains additional information (photos and sounds).