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"The man who deliberately sends a terrier to ground to face a badger should resign from the human race."
David Stephen

Badgers and the Law

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Laws protect badgers from being harmed and their homes damaged. Whilst permits can be issued to allow such badgers to be moved, you need to have professional research done to see where the badgers are and what they need. In commercial property development, finance and logistics can be very important. Also, if an insurance company is paying for re-building work, they may want to be certain that the commercial risks are understood too. Wildlife Consultants are usually highly experienced at dealing with such legal and commercial issues and should be able to help mitigate the risks. Wildlife consultants help deal with protected species, making sure that developers understand the law AND the needs of any animals. Local Badger Groups may also conduct badger surveys, and we run our own email-based Ask An Expert service.

Legislation to Protect Badgers

Badgers are protected by a number of laws. Badgers may not be deliberately killed, persecuted or trapped except under licence from the relavent government department or agency. It is not possible to kill a badger and then apply for a licence afterwards.

Badger baiting (using dogs to fight a badger) has been outlawed since 1835, and digging for them was made illegal by the Badgers Act 1973.

Vigilante Action?

If you see someone you think may be digging for badgers, do not approach them but write down their car registration numbers and immediately call the police or the RSPCA.

The "Useful Information to Note" image shows the most useful information for the police. Most people should be able to record this information on their mobile phone, using video, photographs, voice notes or text messages.

If the digging is not taking place at the moment, use the non-emergency number (101). If badger digging or other persecution is in progress, use the emergency number 999. Use the 999 number is you think they you are at personal risk or if you are concerned that a breach of the peace (or violence) may be imminent.

Remember that people who dig for badgers are criminals. They may be in a group, and may be armed with spades, pick axes, and so on; and they won't be afraid to use violence. They may also have mobile phones, night-site equipment and so on, and they may see you before you see them.

For the sake of your own safety it is better to phone the police or the RSPCA than try to tackle these thugs on your own.

Badger Baiting, Lamping and Animal Cruelty

More and more people are being prosecuted successfully for badger baiting and animal cruelty. In part this is because the law is slowly taking effect, but also because there is a greater concerted effort by expert witnesses and the Police Wildlife Liaison Officers to win cases.

Importantly too, once some-one has been prosecuted for badger baiting and sent to jail, things don't always end there. As badger baiters tend to be involved in other crimes (such as violence, counterfeiting, money laundering, gambling and drugs), those people may well be kept under special watch by the police from the moment they are released. Also too, some of the more militant animal rights and animal liberation people publish the names, addresses of family homes, telephone numbers and work-places of badger baiters on the internet for every-one to see.

Badger Baiters

Increasingly, people are being convicted of badger baiting; and their names are being published more widely. I don't suppose it's something that's going to impress a future employer, to know that you've been convicted of a violent crime. It's also something that might well have a very poor effect on family life. Some-one convicted of violent crime may well have their wives and children placed on the "at-risk" register; which, of course, means that the Police and Social Services will be keeping an extra close watch on what they are doing.

Many of the less "traditional" animal welfare groups, are also beginning to publish the names and address of convicted badger baiters on the internet. Badgerland do not condone this action, although as actual or potential badger baiters you ought to be aware that it happens. For example, see:

Accordingly, we would strongly urge you to use all the intelligence you have to avoid badger baiting.

We would also urge people with knowledge of people who may go badger baiting to protect their family by pressuring baiters to see the error of their ways, before they commit any more serious or violent crimes.

Remember too that many of those who are involved in animal crime; also have links to other organised crime. If your partner is suspected of being a badger baiter; your family home may also be raided if the police are investigating related crimes, like dealing in stolen property, money laundering and drugs offences. You might also like to question whether a person who inflicts a violent death on a small innocent creature; is really the sort of stable influence under whose control your want to raise your children.
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