About how badgers live their lives across the UK
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Threats to Badgers

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Some Facts

Over half of all wild badgers die in their first year. If they survive the first year, they may live for five or six years.

The most common cause of death is road accidents with Motor Vehicles. Perhaps as many as 50,000 badgers are killed every year on Britain's roads and railways.

Other causes of death include baiting, disease, starvation, fighting and old age.

In captivity badgers may live for ten or twelve years, but are not allowed as pets. Keeping a badger as a pet is a criminal offence. However, you are allowed to rescue one, and keep it for a short period of time, for example, until such time as a vet arrives or it can be taken to a recognised badger rescue centre - like Secret World or a recognised Badger Group.

Injured or orphaned badgers should be looked after at a specialist badger rescue centre or a modern animal hospital (such as Secret World). If possible, all badgers should released back to the wild - at the precise location where it was found.

If you come across an injured badger, take advice from a local Badger Group as expert knowledge is required. Some people in the RSPCA know about badgers, but our experience is that many people who work for or volunteer with the RSPCA know too little about badgers.
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