About how badgers live their lives across the UK
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"(The badger) moves noisily, nothing quiet or stealthy about him. He ambles on like a miniature tank, snorting and wheezing, bashing his way through any bushes or undergrowth in his path."
Ernest Dudley

Sounds and Vocal Calls

Do you want to learn or teach people about badgers?

Badger Cubs

Badger cubs have a high-pitched whickering - in other words - like a squeaky sort of chattering.

Adult Badgers

Adults growl or bark as a warning or purr with pleasure.

They are also known to emit a long-drawn scream (reason unknown).

Other Noises

Apart from the normal noises, you may also hear badgers making other noises, squeaks, sniffs, snorts, coughs, and many others.

Detailed Badger Noises

Badger Volunteers?
The WildCRU at Oxford University often need people to help do badger surveys. You can work with some of the best badger researchers in the UK AND learn about our favourite wild mammal.
For more info, click Jobs at the WildCRU.
Badgered to Death
Dom Dyer's polemic on the toxic mix of farming, lobbying and politics and how fake-science lead to badger culls in England. Click here to buy:
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