Helping Badgers and People live in harmony in the UK
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Encourage Badgers

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For many people the possibility of badgers coming into their gardens or being in the countryside near where they live is a wonderful thing. For many people - especially those who want to retain our natural countryside - doing what we can to help and encourage badgers is something they would very much want to do.

Here are a few tips that most people with gardens can do to help and encourage badgers in some small way.

Remember too, that many local Badger Group would be very grateful for your support; and many offer places on badger-watch evenings; where you have an excellent chance of seeing badgers in the wild or from a purpose-built hide. If you want to encourage badgers in your locality, we'd certainly recommend speaking to and joining your local Badger Group.

"The world of badgers is in some ways analogous with the human world. Like us, their behaviour is greatly influenced by their need for homes and living space, and being social like we are, they too have their problems of learning how to live together ..... and with us"
Ernest Neal