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Badgerland Note:
This is a short extract of the poem. The poem won a Highly Commended in the BBC Wildlife Poetry Competition 2001. As copyright in the poem remains with Judith Scott, please click the link towards the bottom of this page if you want to read the poem in full.

Confession by Judith Scott

Confession by Judith Scott

The stars, undimmed by a competing light,

Distracted us. On the fell road

There was no traffic, till a fleeting shadow

Hit the headlight. Heart thump. We stopped.

Behind us lay a badger.

Grey rounded belly, back legs splayed,

Vulnerable as a child.

His head slewed. From his muzzle

Blossomed a red foam.

He rolled on his side,

Observing us with one black eye.

His breath rasped like my motherís

... continued ...

For the complete poem, please click on the following link:

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