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Badgerland Note:
These few limericks are written by us (Badgerland); and we retain the copyright in them. That said, we may be willing to let any recognised Badger Group in the UK use them in any newsletter, so long you ask our permission first, and that we are credited as the source; using the words "Limericks supplied by kind courtesy of www.badgerland.co.uk".

Badgerland Limericks

Badgerland Limericks

There was a young badger from Wales,

Whose sett was invaded by snails.

The shells she all crunched,

On escargot she lunched...

'Til all that remained were their trails.


There was a young badger called Lynne,

Who Loved to eat stuff from the Bin,

Scoffing all that lovely old food,

put her in a most contented mood,

'Til she got caught and told off for her sin!


A grumpy old badger called Pete,

used to scavenge the gardens for meat,

one yucky old habit,

was gorging on rabbit,

but he could never quite eat all the feet!


Most British badgers with hair,

are black and white and not fair,

but when they all have a fight,

their hair stands up to a great height,

so they resemble a miniature bear!


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