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Badgerland Note:
This is a short extract of the poem. As copyright in the poem remains with Gareth Taylor, please click the link towards the bottom of this page if you want to read the poem in full.

Badgers! by Gareth Taylor

Badgers! by Gareth Taylor

Happy days are here again!

Time for Badgers armed with pen

To march toward the shores of Night,

Not fearing all the Evil Ducks

That hide beside the road in trucks.

For Badgers hold a secret Light -

Fluorescent peanuts they have brought

(A Belgian brand, and widely sought).

And should an Evil Duck stray by,

Beware! For Badgers, quick to think,

Will swiftly arm themselves with ink

And poke a biro in its eye.

... continued ...

For the complete poem, please click on the following link:

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