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External News for 2008

Date: Source: Headline:
14 Dec 2008 BBC News Burrowing badgers halt roadworks
03 Dec 2008 BBC News Gamekeeper told he may face jail
19 Oct 2008 BBC News Animal snare ban calls resisted
15 Oct 2008 BBC News Reward offered over shot badger
30 Sep 2008 BBC News 'Illegal badger kill' over delay
29 Sep 2008 BBC News Man charged with beating badgers
26 Sep 2008 BBC News Police hunting for badger shooter
24 Sep 2008 BBC News Bovine TB wipeout plan announced
20 Sep 2008 BBC News Calls made for badger cull U-turn
19 Sep 2009 BBC News Suspended term for animal killer
11 Sep 2008 BBC News Action called for over bovine TB
29 Aug 2008 BBC News Badgers and Dogs sniff out bees
25 Aug 2008 BBC News Badger blighted road deemed safe
21 Aug 2008 BBC News Gamekeeper threatened with jail
13 Aug 2008 BBC News Vet nurse infected with Bovine TB
24 Jul 2008 BBC Bews Cameron backs Welsh badger cull
23 Jul 2008 BBC News Goats are slaughtered in TB scare
23 Jul 2008 BBC News No-cull badger policy 'deficient'
22 Jul 2008 BBC News Bovine TB outbreak in Welsh goats
22 Jul 2008 BBC News More opposition to badger culling
21 Jul 2008 BBC News MPs urge rethink on Welsh TB cull
07 Jul 2008 BBC News Hilary Benn confirms TB cull rejection
04 Jul 2008 BBC News Farmers' anger on cull rejection
04 Jul 2008 BBC News Badger cull proposals 'rejected'
19 Jun 2008 BBC News Man in court over badger's death
21 May 2008 BBC News Warning over badger sett attacks
14 May 2008 BBC News Dead badgers dumped at roadside
08 May 2008 BBC News Concerns over badger road closure
26 Apr 2008 BBC News Church to evict burrowing badgers
22 Apr 2008 BBC News Badger deaths are investigated
11 Apr 2008 BBC News Man sought in badger bait inquiry
08 Apr 2008 BBC news Minister plans pilot badger cull
08 Apr 2008 BBC News Gamekeeper arrested over badger deaths
04 Apr 2008 BBC News Two 'were caught badger-baiting'
25 Mar 2008 BBC News Coffins left damaged by badgers
06 Mar 2008 BBC News County's cattle slaughter tally
27 Feb 2008 BBC News Report backs limited badger cull
22 Feb 2008 BBC News RSPCA honours man for digging into a badger sett
18 Feb 2008 BBC News Farmers heckle Benn over TB plans
31 Jan 2008 BBC News Inquiry as badger sett disturbed
24 Jan 2008 BBC News Badger baiters avoid prison terms
22 Jan 2008 BBC News Badger culls urged for bovine TB
18 Jan 2008 BBC News Web images snare badger baiters
07 Jan 2008 BBC News Police raise badger baiting fears
External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

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