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External News for 2006

Date: Source: Headline:
02 Oct 2006 BBC News Badger cull 'low priority' for TB
02 Oct 2006 BBC News New badger rules raise concerns
23 Sep 2006 BBC News Drivers warned over badger deaths
21 Sep 2006 BBC News Mile dog walking ban for accused
28 Jul 2006 BBC News Appeal for driver who hit badger
24 Jul 2006 BBC News Bovine TB health risk 'very low'
12 Jul 2006 BBC News Public says 'no' to badger cull
22 Jun 2006 BBC News Badger TB vaccine trial launched
05 Jun 2006 BBC News Roundabout way to aid A96 badgers
26 May 2006 BBC News Badger chases sports centre staff
23 May 2006 BBC News Badger baiters blamed for deaths
11 May 2006 BBC News Outrage as Badger Nailed to Tree
26 Apr 2006 BBC News Urgent appeal over badger attack
24 Apr 2006 BBC News Badger found hanging by its teeth
18 Apr 2006 BBC News Badger Baiting Inquiry Continues
14 Apr 2006 BBC News Call to Public to Protect Badgers
04 Apr 2006 BBC News Search for pair who saved a Badger
16 Mar 2006 BBC News Badger baiting probe snares pair
14 Mar 2006 BBC News Badger cull consultation 'flawed'
14 Mar 2006 BBC News Man avoids jail over badger dig
10 Mar 2006 BBC News South-West Farmers support a badger cull
08 Mar 2006 BBC News 'Hedges not cull' for cattle TB
02 Mar 2006 BBC News Baby badger saved from Dog's Jaws
24 Feb 2006 BBC News Activists Oppose Badger Cull Move
23 Feb 2006 BBC News Badger baiters snared by police
21 Feb 2006 BBC News Charge after badger sett concerns
16 Feb 2006 BBC News Badger Baiting Evidence Found
15 Feb 2006 BBC News Concern over badger baiting gangs
14 Feb 2006 BBC News 'No preparations' for badger cull
02 Feb 2006 BBC News Soldier jailed for badger baiting
02 Feb 2006 BBC News 'Back off badgers', urges RSPCA
25 Jan 2006 BBC News Fears about Badger Baiting Rise
21 Jan 2006 BBC News Badger culling plans criticised
External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

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