News about Badgers in the UK
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External News for 2000

Date: Source: Headline:
10 Dec 2000 Guardian 7,000 the Price of a Badger's Life
19 Oct 2000 NFBG NFBG regret resignation of NFU from TB Forum
16 Oct 2000 NFBG MAFF Ministry guilty of badger cruelty
26 Sep 2000 NFBG Fine for interfering with a Badger Sett
12 Sep 2000 Telegraph Warmer Winters lead to badger boom
11 Sep 2000 BBC Live Badger Cam on the Web
18 Aug 2000 BBC Big Badger Live on TV
15 Aug 2000 Guardian Wind in the Willows meadow to be Car Parks
11 Aug 2000 Private Eye MAFF Ministry/TB Conspiracy
06 Aug 2000 BBC Badger Cull Sparks Protest
19 Jul 2000 Guardian Immunising possums is effective against TB
14 Jul 2000 Guardian It is not good policy - just cheap politics!
15 Jul 2000 Guardian Badger cull damaged by protesters' disruption
13 Jul 2000 Guardian Britain's favourite cuddly mammal
05 Jul 2000 Guardian Government mired in The Culling Fields
26 Jun 2000 BBC Beware Otters Crossing the Road
21 Jun 2000 Guardian Farm shifts from beef to badgers
19 Jun 2000 Guardian Death threats to Nick Brown over badger cull
03 Apr 2000 BBC Uncovering Badger Baiters
23 Feb 2000 BBC Scottish Wildlife Offenders Caged
31 Jan 2000 BBC Fewer Scottish Road Deaths
30 Jan 2000 Independent Animal cruelty link to violence against children
13 Jan 2000 Northern Echo Badger baiting holidays scandal
04 Jan 2000 Guardian Jane Ratcliffe - Obituary
External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

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