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External News for 2003

Date: Source: Headline:
31 Dec 2003 BBC Survey of badgers after TB cases
19 Dec 2003 Telegraph Obituary Peter Hardy (Lord Hardy of Wath)
18 Dec 2003 SU AG Traffic and Logistics
12 Dec 2003 The Herald Fears for badgers over plans to extend golf course
10 Dec 2003 The Mirror First toll motorway opens
09 Dec 2003 Huddersfield Examiner Badgers get new £20,000 home
09 Dec 2003 The Herald Police issue alert on badger baiting
08 Dec 2003 BBC Badger Protection Plea
04 Nov 2003 BBC Culling of Badgers Suspended
30 Oct 2003 CBBC Newsround Scary badger holds family hostage
24 Sept 2003 BBC Welsh Farmers call for badger cull
28 Aug 2003 BBC Fears for badgers on new road
19 Aug 2003 BBC Road closed for Badger Release
15 Aug 2003 This is Staffordshire Police Tighten the Net on Animal Abusers
12 Aug 2003 CBBC Newsround Badgers need our help in the heat
08 Aug 2003 BBC New Homes for the Saltdean Badgers
22 Jul 2003 Private Eye NFU to leave London?
24 Jun 2003 BBC DEFRA Badger Skull Man Warned
09 Jun 2003 Guardian The Guardian - Country Diary
09 Jun 2003 Eastern Daily Press Badgers Delay Hospital Crèche
04 Jun 2003 Farmer's Life Ulster FU Backs Bid to Clampdown on TB
03 Jun 2003 Northern Farming Journal Restrictions on cattle 'unacceptable'
24 May 2003 The Telegraph You can build what you want, providing . . .
22 May 2003 BBC Pet killed by 'electric fence'
16 May 2003 DEFRA DEFRA and the badgers in Saltdean
16 May 2003 BBC Badgers saved from death
14 May 2003 BBC Victim relives badger attack
13 May 2003 BBC Badger rampage injures five
11 May 2003 BBC Badger sett disturbance investigated
04 May 2003 BBC Badger baiting discovery
16 Apr 2003 BBC Badgers 'suffer' in dry spell
09 Apr 2003 BBC Killing badgers 'not the solution'
03 Mar 2003 BBC Alert over badger baiters
28 Jan 2003 BBC Badger scheme sees results

External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

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