Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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All these cartoons are in the "Bawson Pate" series. This involves wry comments and observations by or about badgers as they come into contact with humans and other animals. They are ideal to be printed in a newsletter or magazine about badgers or wildlife.

You you can license these to use in your own newsletters in one of our Special Offers.

Thumbnail Description
How badgers are meant to "perform" for visitors to a Badger Hide
Frustration about the damage caused by badgers in domestic gardens
Lazy bad-mannered badgers
Doing a bad job whilst working at a wildlife hospital
How not to make healthy nutritious drinks for a badger
An amazing sense of smell is not always a benefit
Even animals can get as drunk as skunks
Badgers and Golf courses!
Why badgers should be wild animals and not pets
Why some foods are really bad for badgers
Badgers and New Technology
Insect Repellent - luxury or necessity?
How people smell to badgers?
How not to tattoo a badger!
Yucky food habits
Garden Gnomes spook badgers?
Badgers, gnomes and the meaning of life!
Dealing with problem badgers, dogs and husbands!
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Licensing Options
Our licensing fees are very competitive. Each image has been put into a Size Band - this is based its maximum size (in pixels). Depending on how you will use the licensed image, you pay for one of our Usage Bands. Using images across national media will cost more, but limited local usage (like a newsletter) will cost less. For more details, please Contact us.