Highly-recommended encyclopedias about wildlife, plants and gardening
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Encyclopedia books

Animal Encyclopedia
by Jayne Parsons
  Animal Tracks and Signs
by Preben Bang and Ray Mears
  British Wildlife Sounds
by Geoff Sample
Collins Field Guide to
Mammals of GB and Europe
  Complete British Wildlife
Dictionary of Animal Behaviour
by David McFarland

Dictionary of Zoology
by Michael Allaby

  Encyclopedia of Mammals
by David MacDonald
Field Guide to Mammals of
GB and Europe by John Burton
Flora Britannica
by Richard Mabey

  Garden Wildlife (Wildlife Trusts
Handbook) by Chris Packham
  History of British Mammals
by D.W. Yalden

Life Of Mammals
RSPCA Guide to Garden
Wildlife by Val Porter
Where to Watch Mammals
by Richard Moores
Zoology by R Dorit
Reptiles and Amphibians
of Britain and Europe